1. Who is Thomas Frank, anyway? Is he that guy on the South Side of Chicago they used to call “The Big Hurt”?

– No. Thomas Frank is the author of books about culture, politics and business such as: “The People, No,” “Listen, Liberal,” “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” and “The Conquest of Cool.” Many years ago he founded The Baffler magazine.

2. Let’s say I want to write him an email. How would I do that?

You can do that here.

3. Where can I read Tom’s writing regularly?

– Currently, nowhere.

4. Will he get my email?

– He might. Wifi reception is poor in really awesome places like [redacted]. So don’t expect him to be prompt about answering.

5. Will Tom ever write an essay about that one subject that I think is really important?

– Probably not.